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Chocolate Caramel Molten Cakes

Because nothing says “I Love You” more than an oozing caramel chocolate cake. These personal sized molten cakes are super easy to prepare, yet decadent enough for a Valentine’s Day night cap. Enjoy! Advertisements

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A Lesson in Ricotta (and Crostini Six Ways)

Brace yourself. You’re about to make homemade ricotta cheese.  Cheese so grand, you’ll likely sustain off a baguette smeared with it for the next few days (with wine…I won’t judge). The richest, creamiest most flavorful ricotta cheese that store bought will … Continue reading

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Kendall’s Lazy August Salad

If I  were to start writing a food column tomorrow it would probably be titled “Half Assed, Full Flavor” and I wouldn’t be the least bit ashamed. Despite all the cakes and pastries and homemade ice creams I’ve been whipping … Continue reading

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All-American Cake

L-I-V-I-N….that’s what I attribute my crumb coated absence to as of late. I do apologize, but in the last few months I’ve been juggling work, pastry class (more details to come!), wedding season and your typical summer leisure activities that … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichoke and Spinach Gratin

I’m gonna be honest with you. Before making this recipe, I didn’t really know what a Jerusalem artichoke was. I guess the name threw me off. I figured…Jerusalem…artichoke, must be a variety of artichokes native to Jerusalem, right? Not so … Continue reading

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