London Calling

Kendall_London Street Art

First stop on the European tour: Foggy London Town!

My first visit to this city came with a welcomed sigh of relief. After two months of adjusting my audio to French speakers, it was strange to finally understand people again. Spring was there to welcome me and my visit was accompanied with long strolls through Hyde Park, bustling city walks through the Strand and just general meandering through alleys lined with magnificent street art in Shoreditch.

London Eye

The food was vast and lived up to the hype. I had an unforgettable dining experience at Heston Blumenthal’s celebrated Diner, steaming hot dumplings and Dim Sum in China Town, Indian cuisine boosting sweat inducing curries and of coarse, greasy fish and chips with tarter sauce.

To wash it all down? Pints upon pints of beer, a pleasant change from all the wines in France. The pub scene in London is like non other, with charming historic pubs once favored by Charles Dickens, cavernous underground drinking holes and elegant rooftop bars.

In a mere 3 days, I got a great taste of what the city has to offer: a true mix of old and new, having seen London Tower and Big Ben in the same skyline as the sweeping, glass monstrosities popping up all over town. And while there’s still so much more to do and see for my next visit, I can proudly boost I even got to see the Queen!

Here are some highlights from London:

Big Ben

Big Ben

Fish and Chips at Poppies

Poppies famous fish and chips

Spring Flowers at Hyde Park

Spring blooms in Hyde Park

The Strand

Quaint pubs lining the streets of Old London

Octopus at Heston Blumenthals

Heston Blumenthal’s LIFE CHANGING octopus

Queen Elizabeth II

God save the Queen! Surprise visit from the Queen as she left Westminster Abbey.

Dim Sum in China Town

Dim Sum in China Town

Tower of London

Tower Bridge popping over the London Tower

Spring in Hyde Park

Springtime at Hyde Park


Gloomy Westminster Abbey and Parliment

Street Art

Pardon my wings —Street Art in Shoreditch

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