Au Revoir et Merci Beaucoup

Chef Kendall

We packed our bags, we said our goodbyes, we shed some tears. My time at ENSP is now over but I can say, without any doubt, that this was one of the most challenging/rewarding/enriching and fattening experiences of my life.

ENSP Graduation_2

The people I met, the skills I learned, the pastry I baked; they will never be forgotten. I cannot thank the chefs at ENSP for pushing me each and every day, and helping me enjoy myself in the process.

ENSP Graduation _2

I’ve learned equally as much from the chefs as I did my colleagues. This was a true international program; and the tips, techniques and general life lessons I picked up from my classmates will stay with me forever.

I feel confident now, stepping out of the classroom and back to reality. I’m eager to hone my skills and practice some of the most frustrating techniques to perfection. While it’s never easy to say goodbye, I’m excited for the next adventure: backpacking Europe. I’m ready to explore and taste my way through some of the other countries out there.

ENSP Graduation_3

ENSP: Au revoir et merci beaucoup! To my colleagues, good luck and bon voyage!

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2 Responses to Au Revoir et Merci Beaucoup

  1. Lauri Candee says:

    Et merci beaucoup to you! Thank you for taking us along on this great adventure and whetting our appetite for all things patisserie.

  2. rita says:

    Sean and I have traveled around the World, sounds like you and Tyler are planning to eat your way around the World.

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