Bready, Set, Go!

Fig Bread

I feel this image aptly describes this past week at ENSP: a delightful whirlwind of bread, which naturally left us covered in flour. Week four was condensed boulangerie (bakery) jam packed into a few bustling days that left me both excited and exhausted. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


The French certainly take pride in their breads and I’ve come to realize they should be. Monitoring temperatures of the dough to ensure a perfect fermentation, blending just the right combination of flours to get the ultimate texture, and intricately rolling, shaping and scoring the dough; bread is truly an art.

Pain Aux Olives et Pain Complet

It’s impossible to explain in detail the idiosyncrasies of each bread in a single blog post since all this information still has my head spinning (and covered with flour), but here are the highlights of the week:

Proofing Pain Aux Raisin

Proofing Pain Aux Raisin (Croissant dough with rum soaked raisins and pastry cream)

Pain Aux Raisins

Pain Aux Raisin

Pain CompletProofing Pain Complet (Whole Wheat Bread)

Pain de Tradition in Couche

Pain Tradition (Classic Baguette) proofing in a cloche (folded linen)

Pain Tradition

Pain Tradition

Pain au Lait Proofing

Pain Au Lait (Milk Bread) proofed and egg washed

Pain au Lait

Pain au Lait – perfect for sandwiches!

Pain de Mie

Pain de Mie (Standard White Bread)

Pain Aux Figues et Pain de Mie

From Left to right: Pain Aux Figues (Fig Bread) and Pain de Mie (White bread burger buns!)


Classic Brioche 

Braided Pain de MieBraided Pain de Mie proofing

Braided Pain de Mie

Braided Pain de Mie

Chaussons au Citron

Chaussons au Citron (Lemon Cream Turnovers)

Chaussons au Citron

Time to sugar our Chaussons!

Corkscrew shaped Pain des Campagne

Corkscrew shaped Pain des Campagne (French Country Bread)

CroissantsProofed Croissants 


A rich buttery croissant

Pain de Meteil

Pain de Meteil (Rye Blend Bread)


Decadent, pull apart Foccacia with herbs de provence and sea salt

Cutting Epi Baguettes

Chef Damien, a fifth generation baker, cutting the Epis Baguettes (Classic Shaped Baguettes)

Rounded Baguettes

Crown of Pain de Campagne  (French Country Bread)



Pain Chocolat

Pain Chocolat (Chocolate Croissant)

Final Bread Buffet Presentation

Final Bread Buffet Presentation

Winter ENSP Buffet Photo

Chef Damien with the whole team

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  1. Leah says:

    One looks more fantastic than the next!

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